Sunday, 15 March 2009

My proposition...

THIS IS A SITE IN PROGRESS (page will be prettified, html knowledge allowing...)

Recently my boyfriend and I started going to the cinema every Tuesday, the weekly outing was quickly and affectionately dubbed
"Cinema Club". (Thank yous must go to Vue and Cineworld in Cardiff for finally making cinema affordable!)

I've always been pretty opinionated about films, and love discussing them with anyone with a view not peddled to them by Time Out. So here's my proposal: each time I see a film, I'll post a concise and completely honest review about it as soon as I can. Last Tuesday's film was The Watchmen, I've quite a lot to say about that... If time and memory allows, I'll also write a little something about the last month's worth of "Cinema Club" viewings preceding Watchmen.

I'm sure there are hundreds of people writing similar blogs, the lack of available URLs testifies to that, but what the hell?


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